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"Switching from another CRM to Solve was one of my best business decisions."
- Luke Bouman

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Google CRM Partner


Most business leaders struggle to stay ahead. Yet few have figured out how to harness the marvel of modern technology equipping each employee. The heavenly smartphone and its esteemed cousin the tablet present a significant opportunity. They’re powerful, they’re made for business and staff already use them dutifully.

How do you tap into them?

First ask yourself why people reply to emails so promptly. Because apps like Gmail condition us to be responsive. Check your phone, answer email, revel at your beautifully tidy inbox. Repeat 2.3 million times a day. The reward of instant gratification becomes habit forming.

So why is Gmail like sweet sweet Cinnabon while most CRMs are more like broccoli?

Because CRMs attempt to cram an entire desktop, mouse and all, into a tiny phone app. Its like cramming Grandpa’s entire gold-embossed Encyclopedia Britannica into a pamphlet. Sure, it’s got everything you need, but it’s way too inconvenient to use.

Now consider that only uber-convenient apps (like Gmail) get us hooked… Why should CRMs be any different? When convenient CRMs are used, details get recorded and more deals close. Rewards encourage repetition and positive habits form. Wax on, wax off.

CRMs like this must already exist!

Yes they do. There’s a new breed of CRM where every feature is conceived and validated from the perspective of a busy employee working from their phone. Sophisticated systems are condensed into handy more refined Gmail-type apps that people actually use.

But isn’t there more to it than that?

Sure. But ask teams why they abandoned their CRM. 7 out of 10 will name “staff adoption” as the culprit. So it’s a good point to focus on.

Dig deeper. You’ll find that complexity is the common syndrome behind failed apps. Staff who are accustomed to the simplicity of G Suite will respectfully decline to use a CRM that requires training.

Keep It Simple Shirley

Simple systems get used. It’s not complicated. Neither are systems that get used. So for a moment, before we get into our beloved feature wishlist, let’s address the hurdle on which so many others have tripped.

Give them what they want

The good news is that staff want to be productive. So, making a positive impact should be as easy for them as possible. All they need are systems and processes to harness their efforts. As a steward of your business you have a responsibility. Find simple systems that staff will use and that will keep them focused on their priorities.

But what systems will work for my business?

Here’s an analogy that will serve you well when selecting systems:

When a theory models reality accurately, things work: planes stay in the sky and Elon’s side booster’s land synchronously.

It’s the same idea with software. However, the flip side states that if your software doesn’t model your business, your metaphorical planes will fall from your allegorical sky.

Sure, but what the #@& are you talking about?

I’m talking about your business and finding a system that fits! The advantage of small businesses is that they’re quick and nimble. If small businesses use heavy, procedural systems designed for big business, they become procedural and lose their edge.

Changing your processes to match your software, disadvantages your business. Instead, pick a system that can standardize and automate your best practices.

Are there systems that fit my business?

Absolutely! But every business is a beautiful and unique snowflake. So chances are slim that someone built the perfect CRM for you. The best CRM is one that flexes and bends to fit your business. Once you’ve found the right one, only track the information that you care about and cut everything else out.

Ideally we need more than a client database…

You sure do, because your business is more than a list of clients and leads! Chances are you have assets, jobs, projects, cases, claims, properties or some other thing that needs managing …

Yes, I’m listening …

These “things” are deeply interconnected with your clients and are crucial to your business. You’ll need to:

  • Record details about them
  • Search through them
  • Track who they’re connected to
  • Pull up related emails, events & documents

… all the same things you would want to do with your client records.

So are you saying …?

Yes! Your CRM should manage more than just your clients and leads. It should include your operations too. Think of it as a central database for your business.

Does my sales team need to see all that?

Salespeople actually perform much better when they have more information. But here’s the bigger picture: When you centralize your data, the team gets a more accurate and complete picture of your business. Staff feel empowered and they make better decisions. You see a better bottom line. Everybody benefits.

What’s next?

Ok, if you’ve read this far, it’s highly probable that Solve is exactly what you’re looking for.

Some CRMs will save you 20 bucks a month while others will transform your business. Pick a system that your staff will use and start thinking about all the new bank accounts you’re going to need.

Your next step is to start a trial and see what Solve Client Manager can do for you.

  • Its free to try
  • Its made for Google
  • There’s no commitment
  • We don’t ask for your credit card information
  • If you need more time, we’ll give it to you
  • We offer free help if you have questions
  • Start today

A positive impact on your business is closer than you might imagine and easier than you thought possible. Start your trial right now:

You may have also heard of our flagship product Solve CRM. It was the FIRST CRM to be a Google Staff pick! Continue reading below to learn about some of the features that made Solve famous …

Solve CRM

G Suite

As the best CRM for G Suite Solve CRM is a Google Cloud Premier Partner and sports more useful integration with G Suite than any other product, period. Amazing things can happen when people work together and the same applies when your business applications like Solve CRM and G Suite do too. This page summarizes the benefits you can expect through feature highlights and CRM case studies.

Learn more about G Suite by getting a G Suite trial account.

If you’re a G Suite veteran and want to see how easy it is to move the needle with Solve CRM, simply integrate Solve CRM into your G Suite account in less than a minute.

Solve’s CRM integration with G Suite provides

  • G Suite single sign-on
  • Calendar & contact sync
  • Unique email sharing features
  • Gmail labels as a project dropbox
  • Extend Gmail using the Webmail client for CRM email campaigns
  • Generating custom CRM reports and dashboards in Google Sheets

A sample of what our G Suite clients have to say …

Just… “thank you” I’ve tried many solutions in the market. In the last 30 days we tested 3 different platforms and were about to sign up for Salesforce when we stumbled into Solve.

This is BY FAR the best solution we have tried. It provides structure but is fluid enough to allow for some serious customization and implementation into your work flow. After spending 30 days creating fields, actions, etc in Salesforce and others, working with Solve seems like a walk in the park.

We are a Real Estate firm and started using Solve CRM just as a contact manager and in 60 days it has become our “go to” application for everything. Property Management, Project Management, Transaction Coordination, Password Storage, Training, etc. If you have been looking for a solution, give this a try… you will be glad you did (especially if you have tried or have been working with other solutions in the market).

Update: We’ve had to contact customer service only a few times with questions and I feel comfortable stating that I have never received such good customer service. Kudos to the team.

- Jorge Figueroa, Keller Williams

Exceptional Product and Service, Streamlines Company Processes As a small marketing company, we have a heavy focus on relationship building and word of mouth referrals. Following up and building strong relationships are crucial to our business. We also handle a great variety of project types and client types. We’ve tried several programs that handled the project management part of our processes but they always lacked the relationship building activities that are so important to us. Since processes make or break a company, we searched high and low for a program that would integrate the project management with customer care. We stumbled upon Solve and immediately began looking for the “downside”. There was none. We could not find a single complaint or negative review of this product. We decided to call their customer service just to make sure that this wasn’t too good to be true. They answered every single one of our questions accurately. When we began to get our employees into the program, they were amazed and jumped aboard! They picked up how to use the software right away, so there was no training time involved. Its integration with Google and MailChimp is seamless and is the perfect solution for us. It has streamlined our processes, thus ensuring our continued success.

Thank you from all of us at Shire Interactive!

- Jill Diffenderfer, Shire Interactive

Direct access from the G Suite menu

No separate login to fuss with.

G Suite Marketplace

Connect private Gmail messages to your shared CRM records

Link the entire email message to Solve CRM (attachments and all) to the Solve CRM database (a truly unique and useful option). Learn more …

G Suite CRM Gadget

Would you like to automatically link all your Gmail emails to your Solve CRM contacts without any who-ha? It’s possible by simply applying a special Gmail label to all your existing messages and automatically to all future sent messages. This truly unique ability is part of our amazing Link to feature mentioned above. Lets give it a roll …

Using Gmail labels as a Project Blog dropbox

Using your G Suite account you can link a specific Gmail message to a specific project blog using Gmail labels. It’s like having a dropbox in Gmail for each of your project blogs. Lets give it a roll …

Sign in directly using Google

Solve recognizes Google as a trusted Identity Provider. With this feature users can login directly to their Solve account using a secure Google authentication process.

Sign in to G Suite

If you manage your team’s Google user accounts you can centralize access control within Google and not need to issue or manage Solve passwords. Learn more …

Custom Reports using the free Solve Report Builder

Reports are immensely useful to gain perspective on trends and answer ad-hoc questions. Solve has useful reports (Solve menu > Report & Update Activities), the ability to create lists (category tags), as well as expanded data reporting (Top view), etc. These catch the usual suspects, but remember those days when we hoarded data into Excel where we could slice-and-dice at will? With the Solve Report Builder you can pull your Solve data directly into a Google Sheet where you can manipulate it as you please.

Google Sheets CRM Report

Included are easy-to-follow tutorials on generating Sales Pipeline, Sales Funnel, Sales Team Performance and Quarterly Sales reports. Each report progressively demonstrates the customization and usefulness of Solve and Google Sheets. Smartly integrated, create practical business dashboards within the friendly and flexible Google Sheets environment.

Google Sheets CRM Report

Solve’s Report Builder extends the same powerful custom searching features available inside Solve to Google Sheets, and provides settings to customize output formats. Simple and useful reports made easy. Read more about Solve’s Report Builder …

Extend Gmail for merged emails and campaigns

Merge your refined email template(s) with specific contact data to automatically tailor the message for the recipient. The resulting message is sent through your Google email service, just like a normal email message.

Gmail and CRM Integration

Similarly, take advantage of your organized contact lists and send a personalized email campaign for up to 1,000 contacts per message. Learn more …

(Re)direct emails between G Suite accounts

Managing your client requests by forwarding emails between your team, or sharing an email account (eg. sales, support) adds bulk and confusion and can distract staff with irrelevant information. Keep it simple, cleanly reroute incoming messages from one Gmail Inbox to another within your team.

Sort your incoming sales or support requests and assign to the right person.
Reassign a “case” to colleagues who are better suited to respond.
Handoff evolving conversations to other departments.
Receipts, invoices, voice messages, faxes or other important notifications.

Gmail and CRM Integration

The message will be copied to the specified user’s own Gmail Inbox with a special {<—your name} label automatically added so they know the message was directed to them by you. Read more …

We’re excited and we think you’ll be too

These examples of Google Docs integration are useful as presented, but what is most interesting about it is how they demonstrate how the two products can be linked together to develop line-of-business applications. It’s yours to explore!

The Solve Gmail Gadget and Google Sheets Report Builder examples are not merely new features, but the reflection of Solve’s resolve to become the CRM/PM application of choice for G Suite users. As groundbreaking as these features may be, they are merely the latest in a series of G Suite integrations that we’ve released. This trend includes features like single-sign-on, automatic account creation, two-way contact synchronization, Calendar synchronization, as well as managing Gmail messages directly from within the Solve application.

Solve CRM is a Google Staff Pick!

Solve CRM is a G Suite Staff pick

Where can I learn more?

We’ve prepared a special featured tutorial called “Everything Google” and check out our G Suite CRM Marketplace listing.

While you were busy more testimonials snuck in :) …

BEST Productivity Investment I have EVER made :: Solve We run a small design and marketing firm and we knew we had to be more efficient as a team and more accountable with our clients. Solve is way more than even other 5 star apps in the marketplace. Why? Because it holds your team accountable to the tasks at hand at the same time delivering status updates to your clients. Nothing does all of these better! Are you looking to merge contact lists (a GA downfall)? Solve does it …completely. Keeping project relevant email all in one place…this makes me cry with joy!

Solve literally added so much value to my business and in 72 hours it has become the HUB of our team communications.

The merging of media in one place, the ability to keep track via ipad or iphone, this IS amazing!


- Kenny Driscoll, Higher Design

Why Scarpar chose Solve … Operating in multiple countries we need everything centralised or we will end up with orphaned data everywhere. G Suite functionality is now so good, that it’s made sense for us to move there as our core productivity suite as well as other great functionality. This said, it still needs CRM to be a full system.

CRM is core to our business as we launch as scale quickly in the near future. We were looking for a solution that was tightly integrated with G Suite, but also wanted idiot proof usability, high level functionality and integration capability. We’ve had exposure to lot of mid and top tier CRM so have high expectations.

Aside from the usual stuff you’d expect for an IT system and standard CRM functionality, we focussed our evaluation on 2 must haves:

1) A full customer view of contact details, purchase history and communications history all in the inside the CRM.

2) All contact data must be in sync whichever system it is in.

Using Solve’s API access we will create our Solve contacts ‘on purchase’ and then sync our shopping cart contact data to Solve. It will then natively keep the Google Contact and MailChimp data up to date. We will then expose relevant data from other systems in each customer using the formatted note … you can just past html into it!.

We don’t bang on about our suppliers much (except our engineers EDAG who are also awesome).

For us, Solve CRM is G Suite ‘KILLER APP’.

- Andrew Fern, CEO Scarpar P/L

We spent three months trialling different combinations of systems. Solve provided the answers we needed I run a renewable energy company in the UK and have been trying to keep overheads down so we can stay very competitive, whilst providing an outstanding client-focussed service. Here’s how we do it:

G Suite for:

  • Mail and push-mail to mobile
  • Calendar
  • Company intranet (using Google Sites) including company handbook etc
  • Basic documents

    Solve CRM for:

  • CRM
  • Core project management (installing renewable energy)
  • Internal project management (working on internal processes etc)

    Solve CRM works fantastically well. Where there is the odd glitch, the technical support is amazingly responsive using a very friendly forum approach. Clients can be invited in to view project “blogs” as they happen, but can be kept away from sensitive documents. This builds huge trust between us and the client. Its cheaper, faster and better than anything else on the market. But actually there isn’t anything like it on the market.

    - Carl Benfield, Prescient Power Ltd

Easy to implement and use, but still adaptable. We needed a CRM which was designed for the small company. Not an abundance of features, but just what is needed to keep track of our customer contacts. Since we are G Suite Authorized Resellers, we really wanted it to be fully integrated with G Suite.

After have been using Solve in little over a month, we are completely satisfied and we have also found a way to work with the system that fits our workflow. Solve has brought major improvements to our business.

Highly recommended!

- Thomas Ljung, IT Supporter

Great Integration of Customers, Projects and G Suite We have been using G Suite for a couple of years now and were excited to find this tool that integrates very well with G Suite to track contacts and customer communication. This integration seems to be where many other CRM tools fall short. And since our business is mostly project based, we use the Solve project blogs along with G Suite to give everyone involved the same view into what is going on in the project - this works great. My summary: effective tool & great value.

Great Integration of Customers, Projects and G Suite

- Robert Wiebe, Stratusforce