Get started

  • Intuition generally guides you through Solve's features, but this simple and accelerated overview will show how to get the most out of Solve right away

Specific features

  • Organizing your contacts into groups to manage call lists
  • Managing different contact segments & pipelines
  • Mobile CRM for your iPhone, iPad and all newer Android based devices
  • The free mobile app includes most of the features found in the desktop application enabling your team to work almost exclusively from the device
  • Sending emails to contacts using scheduled activities, the Webmail client, or specialized marketing services
  • How to use the Constant Contact and MailChimp Add-ons
  • Save massive time and squeeze out human error when repeating the same process
  • Leverage intelligent, time-sensitive sequencing to support workflow
  • Customize the layout of the contact, company and project blog form
  • Add a range of custom fields to all record types, including activities, to support your unique business requirements
  • Setup different field layouts depending on which category tags are selected
  • When to use a custom field vs a category tag

Application integrations

  • View staff messages related to a contact or project in one place; regardless of whose Gmail account the message is saved in
  • Customize how emails automatically link to contacts and projects on a record-by-record basis
  • Learn how you benefit from the substantial Solve CRM + Google Sheets integration investment
  • Unique and useful features exclusive to Solve CRM
  • Filter and analyze your business data in an environment that’s familiar to you
  • Examples for Sales Pipeline, Sales Funnel, Sales Team Performance and Quarterly Sales reports
  • Integrate your other system's data to transform your reports into a full-blown dashboard
  • Activate sync for your Google email, contacts and calendar
  • Discover some best practices and unique complementary features
  • A unified view of client history and billing data from within Solve
  • Jump directly from a Xero contact record to the corresponding Solve record
  • One-click access to generate new invoices from inside Solve and no-surprise data sync
  • Setup amazing web-forms to capture data directly into Solve
  • Automatically trigger workflows to add category tags, insert activity templates and assign the record to a member of your team
  • Push email campaigns through Constant Contacts
  • Constant Contact data automatically reported back on each contact's record
  • Push email campaigns through MailChimp
  • MailChimp data automatically reported back on each contact's record
  • A unified view of support ticket history
  • Integrated widget to access Solve data right from within Zendesk
  • Your phone rings and the associated contact's record in Solve opens automatically
  • Learn to use the Solve API to create custom apps that integrate with our service
  • Setup web-forms to capture data directly into Solve
  • Integrate Solve with external systems and develop custom reports
  • Use webhooks to customize Solve and automate workflow processes
  • Leverage the free example scripts to get started quickly
  • Zapier gives you the power to integrate Solve with hundreds of other apps to automate your work.

Best practices

Explains how to implement automatic multi-step lead nurturing campaigns that really work

Most CRMs were conceived in the ’90s for large companies. Let’s explore how Solve CRM is different and is applied to teams that actually manage client interactions