Solve CRM for iPhone, iPad and Android

You will be surprised at what you can do with a phone …

New: For Teams who work heavily from their phones and tablets, check out the new Solve Client Manager, a native iPhone, iPad and Android product. Try it free. Download now.

Dive deep into your system and knock through your daily work – networking on the spot and making the most of those small pockets of free time. As a robust system, Solve CRM manages a lot of information, like entire team email history and data from your other applications (e.g. Xero, Constant Contact, etc). Powerful. But with mobile, it’s also about reacting to unexpected situations instantly. It’s about preserving your workflow, while responding to new opportunities as they arise. Solve CRM helps you manage distractions and keep your flexibility - maneuver through all your data quickly and find the exact answers you need, when you need them.

Perhaps it would better if we just showed you. Roll video …

Our story begins while you’re already busy updating your active projects. The phone rings. Keeping your place …

  • Tap the blue quick search feature to pull up the caller's record
  • Add the details you discussed
  • Dismiss the screen
  • Resume working where you left off

Click the phone to play the video (full-screen option too).

You acted when the new information was front of mind, and mobilized the rest of your team to follow-up. Nothing was missed.

Other ways mobile CRM can 10x your game

"Think outside the desktop" and imagine what true personal computing means to your success. Picture this …

Waiting, few minutes to kill ‒ push a couple new website leads down your pipeline.

Click the phone to play the video …

The list is prepped in Solve. Spare minutes now mean something, and you have the tools to be productive. Follow-up with 10 times more leads than before.

Did you notice? For the first time, Chrome users can send templated emails from their phone’s Gmail app. Safari users can do the same with the iOS Mail app.

As a realtor driving to meet a client, Solve CRM reminds you the client wanted “room for a trailer and trampoline”. Shit, is there? The listing doesn’t say ‒ you call the selling agent who turns around, snaps convincing photos of the backyard and instantly pops them into Solve.

Click the phone to play the video …

You almost dropped the client. Now you’re closing the deal, showing off pictures and other property data as you shake hands.

Did you notice? The photo carousel shows off quality, full-screen photos.

Solve CRM for mobile

Designed as an HTML5 app, Solve CRM works with all new iOS and Android based smartphones and tablets. You don’t need to install it from an App store. Simply …

  • Start your device’s web browser
  • Open (the app installs or updates automatically)
  • Enter your normal Solve email address and password (or use the “Sign in using Google” option)

Highlighting some important features

Easily navigate around your database by tapping Solve’s Quick Search feature. Select from one of your most recent five searches, or type the first few characters of the record, and Solve will do the rest. Handy for quickly looking up or jotting down some info, while saving your spot.

Shows recent searches or starts a new search

The app fully supports Solve’s popular Custom Search feature …

  • Filter with multiple search criteria
  • Save searches to be used again and again
  • List contacts related to a group of companies

Create lists of the records you need for your routine review process by simply saving the custom search once. It’s then one-touch access to drive through your daily list of contacts to watch, or new leads to follow-up on.

Customize your CRM databases

Custom and contextual fields are fully supported. Imagine the possibilities here - a mobile CRM database tailored for your specific purpose. Add a set of custom fields to a record simply by adding a category tag. Template your best practices and set personalized workflows for each contact. Go nuts with it!

Project blogs

Solve also offers a separate customizable area to track the goods you work with, which can then be “linked” to the contacts and companies they relate to. Project blogs are there to manage how things get done, whether it’s Properties, Portfolios, Contracts, Locations, etc. Use it to organize information around providing your product or service. Then share them with your clients and others using Solve’s “Publish” feature, making you seem more transparent and instilling trust, understanding and stronger communication.

Change the system default label of “Project blogs” to something more specific to your business e.g. Properties, Portfolios, Locations, Cases, Jobs etc.

Keeping your information secure

Solve instantly accesses information in your account in real-time, saving data in the cloud instead of on your device. If you lose your device take comfort knowing that your data is protected.

As a precaution, if you lose the device simply change your Solve password to eliminate the possibility of someone using the login information in case it was saved on the device. We recommend enabling the auto-locking feature on your device to prevent anyone else who can touch it from also accessing your online account while you are logged in.

Here, there, anywhere

Solve CRM is always with you. Use it to react instantly as you conduct your business, manage distractions and take advantage of emerging opportunities in the moment. Show it off, involving your clients in your process, or pluck info to visually present mid-conversation. You’ll be seen as prepared and resourceful by your clients, giving them the feeling that you’re organized and helpful. More importantly, you’re in a better position to respond and outfit them with the exact information they need to succeed - creating stronger connections with you.