Can I get a backup or export of all my data?

Absolutely, all the data that you store on Solve is yours after all. We provide a simple export feature that provides all of your information in a standard format that can be imported into most spreadsheet or database applications. More information …

The Export All feature essentially provides a database export. It’s located under the “Data” dropdown in each section e.g. contacts, companies and project blogs. This feature is only available to the administrator of your account.

  • For Contacts: Manage Contacts > Show All Contacts > Data > Export all data
  • For Companies: Manage Contacts > Show All Companies > Data > Export all data
  • For Project Blogs: Organize Projects > Show All Project Blogs > Data > Export all data

Once exported, you’ll receive a ZIP file that contains an XML file (the data component) and a script file (to download all uploaded files if they exist).

  • The XML file preserves the relational structure i.e. it records a blog, its tasklists, tasks, comments, files etc. XML is a standard format supported by Excel, Microsoft Access, and can be read by any programming language.
  • The script runs on your computer and will download all files uploaded to the account. The first part of the filename keys back to the reference in the XML file (its parent). The links to download files & photos in the script file are time-based and will expire. We recommend downloading your files right after export is completed.
  • If you’ve saved email messages in Solve’s shared workgroup email folder they can be moved to another Gmail or Rackspace account by dragging the messages from the workgroup folder to your own mail account folder using the Webmail add-on.

A sample of the XML file:

<blog id="656848">
    <name>Accounting 2009</name>
    <createdGMT>2009-07-13 04:23:01</createdGMT>
    <updatedGMT>2010-03-19 18:44:34</updatedGMT>
    <viewedGMT>2010-03-25 00:37:39</viewedGMT>
    <background>From the dusty archives</background>
    <title>Accounting 2009</title>
      <separator id="656850">
        <title>Minute Book</title>
      <file id="656857">
        <filename>Certificate of Incorporation.pdf</filename>