Do you have a product roadmap for new features?

We have a long track record of listening to and valuing all the feedback we receive from clients and working hard to translate the thousands of requests into new features that remain true to our vision and offer distinct or amazing value to users.

We always have something new in the works and can’t wait to share it with you. However, if you need to know if “that got-to-have feature” is coming soon please contact us directly because we generally don’t publish that information online. Why not?

  • It distracts from the benefits the service already provides
  • It creates an excuse for you to delay / defer a purchase
  • We might change our priorities and we don’t want to let you down
  • We’d rather you consider our track record than future promises
  • It’s fun to surprise and delight our clients with improvements that exceed their expectations

As we say it’s not what you plan to do; it’s what you actually do and how you do it that really matters.