Does Solve offer a two-step / two-factor authentication option to login?

Two-step verification is an improved and secure method to log into your Google account, dramatically reducing the chances of having your personal information stolen.

For Google Apps teams, remove password access in Solve and direct your team to login to Solve exclusively through Google by simply setting a very long (e.g. 20 characters) random password for each Solve user account and don’t share these new passwords with the users to effectively prevent them from logging in directly to the system. Each user can then continue to access Solve exclusively through their Google account, using Solve’s Single Sign-On feature.

Solve administrators can change each users Solve password by clicking on the Solve menu > Modify User Accounts > select user > Change password > set new password. Solve users can also change their own password by clicking on the Solve menu (top-right) > My Account > Set Password.