How can we change the Google Apps domain registered/connected to our Solve accounts?

By following these four simple steps:

  1. Ensure the Solve administrator can login from our main website at If you’ve only logged into Solve via Google Apps you may need to set a password on your account under Solve menu > Modify User Accounts > select the account and click “Change password”.

  2. Change the registered email address for your Solve accounts to match the new domain by opening Solve menu > Modify User Accounts > double-click on the email address to make the edit.

  3. Send us a request to remove the link from your existing Google Apps domain (don’t worry, your Solve accounts and data are safe).

  4. Login to the new Google Apps domain, install Solve from the Apps Marketplace and re-establish the link to your Solve account under the Apps grid icon (top right) > More > Solve CRM > choose “Existing Solve account”.