Can I link records that are shared with different workgroups?

For privacy purposes, records must belong to the same workgroup to be linked with one another. For those users with unique circumstances who need to link records amongst different workgroups you can create a custom “link” field on the record (similar to the ‘Related to’ field) and copy the other records URL there:

  1. Create a custom ‘Web address’ field by clicking on your Solve menu > Customize Form Fields > Editing [record type] fields > Add a field > Custom fields > Web address > name the field.

  2. Copy the specific record’s URL you want to link to by opening the record in Solve > Show form > copy the URL (near bottom).

  3. Open the record to which you want to link > click ‘Show form’ > paste the copied URL into your new custom ‘Web address’ field.

You will have a clickable link from one record to another regardless of the workgroup. If you want to link these records two-way, you can repeat this process for the other record as well.

Note: Users who click on a link to a record they do not have access to will see the following message:

As an alternative method, you can use the ‘Add a link to an external website’ activity in Solve to create a simple note link to the desired record by copying its URL:

If you need to link records from different workgroups and are unsure of how many you will need to link with a given record, or if that number varies from record to record, the ‘Add a link to an external website’ activity will be more appropriate.