Slow performance, unexpected responses and troubleshooting browser related issues.

Are you using Internet Explorer?

  • Modern web apps work best with modern web-browsers (all web-apps,not just Solve). Our experience is that upgrading to a modern browser resolves almost all issues.
  • Why not upgrade? It takes a minute to install, it’s free, it’s far more reliable, it’s up to 20x faster (no joke), you might even like it a lot more, and it doesn’t change IE (so you can continue to use it for everything else if you choose).
  • The crowd favourite is Google Chrome which is new, fast, simple, or Firefox which is considered the gold standard.

We’ve found that almost all browser related issues are resolved, or isolated, by following these few quick steps:

  1. Delete the browser’s temporary file cache

    • Firefox open History > Clear recent history > choose “Time range to clear: Everything” and “Details: Cache” > Clear Now
    • Safari open History > Clear History > Clear
    • Google Chrome click on the Menu icon (three lines) > choose Tools > Clear Browsing Data > select only the options “cache” and “since the beginning of time” > clear browsing data
    • Internet Explorer open the Tools menu > Internet Options > Delete > Delete Files > Yes

    Restart the browser and re-login

  2. Check if any installed Add-ons or Extensions are causing the issue

    First close any existing browser sessions then:

    • Firefox open a Firefox window in private browsing mode by selecting File > New private window
    • Internet Explorer click Start > Run > iexplore -extoff (OK)
    • Google Chrome open a Chrome window in incognito mode by selecting the Menu icon (three lines) and choose “New incognito window”
  3. Try temporarily disabling your anti-virus and firewall software. If this resolves the issue look for a way to add “*” as a safe site that will not be filtered by the package.

  4. Restart your network modem (particularly if you’re on a Comcast connection).

  5. Try a different web browser, computer, network connection.