What is the difference between Top and Left View?

You can customize which fields are shown in the search results list by moving the search results list to the “Top” of the screen. Located in the toolbar, to the right of the “Data” button, you will see a Left or Top icon. Clicking it allows you to toggle between a Top view or a Left view. In Left view you can select from the standard “Name”, “Created”’, “Last updated” and “Star” fields. In top view, you can see other fields as well.

Hover over the field name in the list > notice a drop-down option appear > click on the drop-down option to choose which fields to display. The options in the list are limited to the fields that have the option “Display in Horizontal View” set in the form designer (Solve menu > Customize Form Fields). When the alternate option “Show in form only” option is chosen, the field is only shown when you open the item.