G Suite Email Linking

Email Linking for G Suite Users

Simple and game-changing ways to link your Gmail messages to Solve CRM records.

  • Share specific emails with your team
  • Automatically link messages to CRM records
  • Boost your productivity and impact of your emails

Here’s how …

Add the #Solve360/{your workgroup name} Gmail label …

When viewing a message

When sending a message

With a set of messages

Verifying the linked email(s)

Click “Open {contact name}” and scroll down to the activity feed. If the contact is already open click “Refresh view” to update the view.

The special “Gmail label” grants Solve access, so we can work our magic

Gmail power tips

Automate email linking

Using Gmail filters, automatically add a Solve “Gmail label” to all existing messages (past and present) and every future outgoing message.

Create a project unique sub-label under #Solve360/{your workgroup name} in Gmail.

Then customize the project’s linked email activity in Solve to link emails when the sub-label is added.

Alternate email configurations

Solve’s Webmail Add-on

When sending messages select the “Save in {your workgroup name}” option.

When receiving messages drag-and-drop, or right-click to use the “Move to” option.

All other email clients

Bcc or forward emails to your own workgroup email address.

Any email client, any message. Solve has you covered.


Quick checks

If you’ve stubbed your toe along the way, here are a few common solutions.

  1. The contact is private and must be shared (top-right of the record).
  2. The “View for linked emails” activity needs to be added to the record.
  3. Linking criteria for the record’s “View for linked emails” activity needs adjusting.

Still need a hand? Reach out to our client care team and we’ll get you rolling fast.