Wufoo, another great way to capture leads from your website

Wufoo is an online service that makes it easy to collect information over the Internet. Wufoo does so by helping you create web forms that web users will fill out.


The user’s data is immediately saved directly into your favorite web apps. No more copy-pasting folks! Pretty neat eh? With the Solve CRM + Wufo integration, you’ll be able to save that info straight into your Solve database too!

“Most popular CRM amongst your fellow Wufoo users is Solve” - Johan Lieu, Wufoo

Here’s how to get your Wufoo webform pushing data into Solve CRM in a matter of minutes…

Hooking Wufoo up

Step 1 - Create your Wufoo form

Login into your Wufoo account (or create one).

Craft a Wufoo form with all the fields of data you want to capture using Wufoo’s amazing form designer.

Wufoo one

Be sure to name the Wufoo fields exactly the same as in Solve. Also ensure that they are the same field types. If you create an Assigned To field the value will be set if the selected user or workgroup exists in Solve. For your convenience, Wufoo’s Fancy Pants: Name, Address, Email and Phone fields map to Solve’s Name, Business Address, Business Email and Business Direct standard fields. If you need them to map to any other field, say the Personal Email field or the Shipping Address field in Solve, just name the field correspondingly in your Wufoo form and it will map accordingly!

Step 2 - Enable the Wufoo integration

As the admin, follow Solve Menu (top-right) > Add-Ons > Wufoo > Add to enable the integration.

Wufoo two

Step 3 - Authorise your Wufoo account to Solve

Wufoo three

Once you have authorised your Wufoo account, you should see the form(s) available to be linked. You can link multiple forms to Solve by selecting them. When you select to link a form you have a few options:

Wufoo four

With the form linked you now are provided with some important options on what happens to the information when it’s received in Solve from Wufoo.

Wufoo five

Allows you to specify if the record coming through this form is going to be private to you or shared with a workgroup.
Select which templates should be applied to the record upon being added to Solve.
Category Tags
Choose category tag(s) to be applied to the record
Check (for) Duplicates
Select if duplicates should be checked (always create a new record or update an existing one).

That’s it, now let’s give it a test…

Getting down to everyday business

Lets give your Wufoo form a spin. In Wufoo > Forms > Code and open the form’s URL in a new browser tab. Complete the Wufoo form and you should find the contact now saved in Solve CRM!

Wufoo example

You should notice that the record has been made private to you or been shared with the selected workgroup, depending on what you selected. Templates and Category tag(s) should also have been applied. A template could have a scheduled email that’s set to be sent immediately upon the template being applied for example. What this means is: a prospect submits a form, the record gets created in Solve AND an email immediately gets sent out to that prospect to thank them for their interest etc. ! Hallelujah!

Similarly, Wufoo also offers an option to automatically send a qualifying message to your new web leads and link it into Solve.

If you have duplicate check enabled, Solve will check and either update an existing record or create a new one. This is the duplicate check in place:

Duplicates are determined by (A) having the same email (regardless of the field) or (B) by having the same name plus:

  1. A matching phone field (regardless of formatting), or a matching address field, or a matching company name, or
  2. When the phone, address and company values are all not set

This is a great way for prospects/clients to update their own information in your database.

Linking to a company record

Now you can also automatically create a Company record upon a form submission! Simply insert a “Single Line Text” field and label it “Company”, “Business”, “Company Name” or “Business Name” and it will automatically create that company in Solve and link it to the contact record!

Wufoo example

File uploads

The Wufoo form integration supports the Fancypants “File Upload” field as well. This allows your clients to upload pictures, docs, etc. when filling up the form. All pictures are automatically added to a Photo Container activity on the record in Solve. If the field is labelled as Photo or Avatar in your Wufoo form, pictures uploaded to that field will be used as the Contact record’s profile picture. The upload supports ‘jpg’, ‘jpe’, ‘jpeg’, ‘bmp’ and ‘png’ formats.

All files will show as File Upload activities on the contact record in Solve. The file size limit enforced by Wufoo is adhered to - each File Upload field can have attachments as large as 10MB and the maximum size for all attachments per form submission cannot exceed 20MB.